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Make the Holidays Happy, Merry and Lucky!

Buy Genuine Four leaf Clovers
Five leaf Clovers and Shamrocks

Genuine Trifolium repens Clovers grown in the U.S.A.
Gifts, Jewelry, Cards, Plants, Seeds and More!

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Shamrock - A 3-leaf clover that is a religious symbol of the "Holy Trinity" with the leaves representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
Four Leaf Clover - A universal symbol of "Good Luck" with the leaves representing Faith, Hope, Love and Luck!
Five Leaf Clover - Rarer than the four leaf clover with the leaves representing Faith, Hope, Love, Luck and Wealth!

Our clovers are not just dried and pressed. We have a proprietary 5 step process that prevents decay and preserves the natural green color of the clover. We have been growing clovers since 1939.

If you're wanting lucky clovers be sure you are getting Trifolium repens clovers. Others are selling leaves from plants that resemble clovers, but are not real clovers. How to identify the real clover.